Internship Blog post 8

We finished up our latest video which was a timelapse we met up around 5:30 and ended the day at 6pm, filming all around campus. The experience was fun and long but using the remote slider was worth it, and we got some amazing shots which was cool. We also filmed for our last project […]

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Blog 7 internship

Here is the finished Discover CSUSM video i worked on.     So far my internship is doing great, we got two more projects left. The next project will be a sunset to sunrise of Cal State, pretty much multiple clips of the different sunrise/sunsets with an epic song playing in the background. Then the […]

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Internship Blog 6 : Discover CSUSM

This weekend we shot the event Discover CSUSM, the event is about new coming students and anyone interested in learning about the campus, the history, and the opportunities the campus provides. There were many activities going on, lectures, campus tours, rock climbing, slides, resource fair, and athletic invitationals. It was a long day, my partner […]

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Blog 5 Internship

We submitted our first video and we got some favorable feedback. they thought that it was better than a 2nd and 3rd draft. I haven’t been able to do much post as my partner and i haven’t been able to meet up and work on it together. She has been doing majority of the editing […]

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