Poll for a short film

If I were to start a kickstarter or indiegogo for a short film. What type of film (genre) would you like to see and would you back it up? Here is the poll, i will leave it on for a week and see which genre will get the most votes. Which ever poll wins will have another poll regarding on sub-genre, for ex: if horror wins then it be Horror-comedy, romantic- horror, etc.


Internship Blog post 8

We finished up our latest video which was a timelapse

we met up around 5:30 and ended the day at 6pm, filming all around campus. The experience was fun and long but using the remote slider was worth it, and we got some amazing shots which was cool. We also filmed for our last project which is called “The Arts of CSUSM” showcasing a lot of different mediums that we do on campus and making it in a video. We are still in the process of shooting and it may carry on until the end of the semester.


Week 15 : Book and the Power of Lighting


Collection of my work that plays with the space of art, narrative, and light. This semester i learned the importance of lighting and how to use it to make beautiful moments come to life. I knew lightning was important but being able to utilize it in my work, whether its film or photography, lightning made all the difference and i hope to practice and continue to get better in using the lightning equipment and create more wonderful moments.

Blog 7 internship

Here is the finished Discover CSUSM video i worked on.



So far my internship is doing great, we got two more projects left. The next project will be a sunset to sunrise of Cal State, pretty much multiple clips of the different sunrise/sunsets with an epic song playing in the background. Then the last video of the semester will show case everything that is the school of art, from graphic design to photography and film. Christine Vaughn also asked me to do another video with Kristine Kirchmeier and that is to film the commencement and graduates of 2015. It will be an exciting time as it ends this chapter of this spring, Everything has been running smoothing and can’t wait to finish strong and make all these videos.

Week 13 : Three Images for Funes Competition

This is my sun series, i love how lighting can play a huge part in creating such a beautiful image, and so these are the three of my strongest images i would submit to the comeptition

Internship Blog 6 : Discover CSUSM

This weekend we shot the event Discover CSUSM, the event is about new coming students and anyone interested in learning about the campus, the history, and the opportunities the campus provides. There were many activities going on, lectures, campus tours, rock climbing, slides, resource fair, and athletic invitationals. It was a long day, my partner and i filmed from 8 – 5pm with some breaks in between. But we got some great shots. Now we are in post and must finish editing by Monday for a good first draft so we are able to make some final edits by Wed.