A Broken Memory

Here is my award-winning short film i worked on for the past couple months.

A college student meets a girl on campus and finds out they have some common interests, only to discover the girl is hiding a tragic past and the two are connected in more ways than they realized.


Blog 6

After many long edits here is our final draft of our video. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B38UVwnTI6bYcGNybllmS2c1aDQ/view?usp=sharing


Our next video project has alot to do with visuals as our actor who will portray a student goes through campus and listens to the different sounds to get a sense of what campus feels and hears like. The actor will be portrayed by my good friend Aaron Cardenas who was also in my short film INSOMNIUM.

Blog post 5

My partner finally finished our first video, we sent it in this weekend. We haven’t gotten any word on what our next video assignment will be. However i helped a friend who is also a part of the internship but in a different group, he was capturing B-Roll for the internship at different locations around Oceanside.

Blog 4

We are in post now, my partner is working on the video and we are hoping to submit the final draft when we are done with break. My partner is having some fun editing because during one of the interviews there was a student who rode his skateboard behind him and did a funny pose as they passed by. But we are making progress and we will submit a cut once the break is done.


We finished our last B-roll, it was one of our interviewee who was playing soccer with her team mates. My partner is going to be doing the edits. here are some stills from the shoot.

Blog 1

We started working on our first video of the semester, The video is about Students who are getting plugged in on campus and helping out the community. Here are some stills from what we shot this week. Will are going to continue gathering more B-Roll as we have finished up the interviews.

Blog 7

This week we had the opportunity to film the Homecoming game. Last year i worked on the video but this time around i was only able to shoot one event which was cougarfest this past thursday. Due to scheduling conflicts i was not able to shoot more of the events that were taking place for the video. My partner was able to edit and we also got another team to help film it. My partner took over editing this time and this is the rough draft.